Joar Nango The Festival Exhibition


Quote from Bergen Kunsthall – “The Festival Exhibition 2020 at Bergen Kunsthall presents Norwegian-Sámi artist Joar Nango. Initially trained as an architect, Nango constructs his exhibitions as labora tories, investigating traditions and experiences from his cultural background in Northern Norway, characterized by flexibility, pragmatism and adaptation to nature.”

“The exhibition will be less a finished product than an arena for a social process of creating places and situations with possibilities for improvisation and collective action. Nango’s work addresses indigenous identity and decolonialization, looking at these topics not in isolation, but as an expression of the ongoing dynamics between the so-called cultural centre and its peripheries.

The exhibition is based on a theoretical frame-work that Nango has set up together with collaborators from different artistic or academic backgrounds, including art historian Mathias Danbolt, writer Candice Hopkins and anthropologist Dimitris Dalakoglou. Following Nango’s ongoing investigations of the history of Sámi architecture, his library of books on the topic will be utilized in the exhibition, as well as a series of re-appropriated historical images from the 1700s. This series of hand-coloured drawings was made in the mid-1700s and is among the first known representations of Sámi architecture. In Nango’s exhibition, the images act as historical counterpoint, and a comment on the appropriation, circulation and representative power of images from indigenous cultures.

For a large-scale projection screen, Nango makes use of dried halibut stomachs that are sewn together. The technique, called skievvar in the coastal Sami tradition, is a way of making transparent windows in outhouses and simple buildings. Several of Joar Nango’s previous projects are brought to Bergen, and re configured for the exhibition, such as the girjegumpi, a small building made as a nomadic library inspired by the Sami gumpi, a herder’s hut mounted on sleigh runners. Nango’s van, a Mercedes Sprinter which was used in the project European Everything at Documenta 14 in 2017, will also be a central element in the Festival Exhibition. The physical infrastructure, and the travel itinerary between Bergen and Tromsø, form a geographical line between two site- specific landing points in the project. For European Everything he drove the same van from Tromsø to Athens – through the length of Europe – in an excursion in which themes of migration, relocation and the nomadic became a concrete experience. In May this year, the Sprinter doubled as a mobile TV studio during the production of Post-Capitalist Architecture TV.”

Images by Bertha Chan

Community Rave 22 MAY

Events, Hong Kong

22 MAY 2021 – 11:30 pm 

Part 3: AfterRave @ Open Air location

We will have an afterparty at a secret location and lineup as below, guests who attended part 2 of the community event can go to the rave for free!

The rest of the guests who want to attend will need to DM us on Drastic Social Instagram for location.

The entrance fee is $50 with a self help mini-bar set up at the location 

11:30-1:15 @Zora428

1:15-3:00 @ak_xy

def describe_Ak_xy(): print(”’Dj Ak_xy grew up all around Asia, and this shows in \ the musical influences in his sets. He mostly plays \ melodic techno and deep house, but also enjoys \ playing some psytrance and afrohouse”’) get_ready_to_rave(); describe_Ak_xy(); @dj_ak_xy

3:00-4:45 @aka.nohmann


Events, Hong Kong

Live performances, talks & music, people, community and friends

4-6:30 pm Part 1: Thrift from Mates

Thrift party, community members each brings 5 of their favorite items to trade/ sell with friends they meet at the event

6:30 – 10:30 pm

6:30 pm Talk with Siu Fung

Bertha will be interviewing Siu Fung Law, a genderqueer, genderfluid and gender equality advocate, a public speaker and a professional bodybuilder from Hong Kong providing fitness training for trans men as one of their many ways to uplift their community.

We will have an in-depth conversation about the work they have been doing for years in the safer space.
(interview will be recorded)

7:15 pm
Jodie Chan 陳詠恩 @jodiewyc“Strongest” Single release

Independent Singer Song Writer Jodie’s new single is released this week and she will be performing live with a few songs

“This song is for anyone who’s ever felt out of place in their own skin. It’s my way of saying that there is such joy in self-acceptance and that there is an army of people ready to celebrate you from when you break, to when you make it to the other side.”

7:45 pm
Bertha Chan with Anna – Live “Intro” of Bertha’s Self love podcast live recording, the episodes in which she will have discussions with Anna about many things.

For an hour-ish, B&A will talk about the openness to self discovery – sexuality, kinks, acceptance, joy, pleasure, letting go of stigmas, rough and gentle plays, dynamics and relationships with ourselves and others.

9 pm
Timmy Gunn

Timmy @mightytimmygunn is the lead singer and guitarist of the Hong Kong band Shotgun Politics @shotgunpolitics852 . They are set to release their 5th EP, “The Lion & The Jaguar” later this summer. Shotgun is full of power and high energy pop melodies, but solo Timmy will play a stripped down, intimate set featuring re-workings of the new songs as well as a surprise cover or two!

9:30 pm Free Movements + Bonding Time – prepare our bodies and mind for the AfterRave

10:30 pm event part 2 ends

At the event

Annika Visser

Hong Kong

Annika is from South Africa, she likes MUSIC, PEOPLE and YOGA (she is an avid yoga practitioner) 

During the day, she makes custom fitted jeans and fight for sustainability in the fashion industry. 

A little Q&A with Annika 

Hi Annika! 

DS: You are a multi-talented person and love creating many things!

Can you tell us what are your passion projects?

A: DJing is definitely a passion project! Since it is not my day job (I actually work in sustainable fashion for a start up denim brand). Another passion of mine is yoga – I grew up dancing and singing in the choir, so music and movement have always been a critical part of my life.

DS: We learned that you just debuted not long ago and the set at Drastic Social x last month was probably the first in a music club night was it? How did it feel to be playing at 宀 ?

A: Wow, I was quite nervous! But when the music started playing I was in my element, I am really flattered that Laura Zhang proposed me and the 宀 peeps said yes [I guess it helps that I have been hanging out at the club since it opened 😄 it’s one of very few places for great music in HK at the moment so I am super happy that I could be part of it]

DS: What kind of music do you love playing the most? 

*Haha, I am a bit of a musical chameleon at home, I appreciate all kinds of music [depending on my mood], but in a club or festival setting I like to play music that makes your booty shake – so ranging from housey, to electro to techno to dark disco and dark wave 🌊*

DS: This time at #DrastixPuurr, we talk about imposter syndrome and negotiations. Would you like to share your opinions about these subjects?

A: I think that everyone suffers from imposter syndrome sometimes in different situations, and it’s due to insecurities. But we should realise that everyone feels this way in some setting, because we are all different, and that should be celebrated*  

On negotiation, I really suck at it for professional things haha, this is something I hope I can improve as I further my career.

DS: What do you want to see improved in your workplace/working environment/sector?

I am pushing for a more sustainable and inclusive fashion future through the work that we do at unspun – there are many social and ecological issues that we’re trying to solve.

DS: Please share a track with us?

A: I made this for LunarTribe 

Thank you Annika!

Drastic Social x Puurr @ 宀 club

Events, Hong Kong

Drastic Social x Puurr collaborates on an intersectional femme-centric event, curating a special program of art, music and conversation.

Starting at 4pm with “Bodies” Zine + Art share from @SoftDpress followed by group discussions on navigating the creative industry and a panel discussion with Ellie Suh, Una Mangus and Olivia Ho.

Ani Phoebe will be spinning an afternoon set while selling records as part of Bad Times Disco. A record corner with listening station will be set up near the DJ booth, Ani is passionate about encouraging more women, non-binary and diverse individuals to get into record digging.

At 7pm the volume will turn up with a booty-popping 宀 club debut from annnikafizzer followed by raising star from the Otaku Girls, DJ Ditto.

Both DJs are veteran music lovers and party-goers, but only recently started taking control of decks. Puurr’s line up intends to diversify the scene by nurturing emerging DJs.

Drastic Social x Puurr @宀 club

Programme of the day

1600 doors open 

1600-1900 Ani Phoebe showcases her vinyl collection from Bad times Disco

1630-1700 “Bodies” Zine + Art share with @softdpress – Siu Ding exhibits her collection of ‘Bodies’ zines and books and tell us about her #bodylibraryhk with Bertha Chan

1700-1730 Group Discussion – notes and stories for femmes covering the topics and questions:

  1. What do you want to see improved in your workplace/working environment?
  2. What are you good at doing but always afraid to take up space for?
  3. When fighting for your own rights, what past experiences have you learnt from? 

1730-1830 Discussion Panel with Ellie Suh, Una Mangus @unawashere and Olivia Ho @liveysnothome, host by Bertha Chan @berthachandotcom

How do we navigate the creative industry in Hong Kong?

Topic 1 — Imposter Syndrome — things we experience as femme creatives in HK, tools to deal with challenges, false invitations, inappropriate questions, how do we protect ourselves, things to be aware of, stand your ground, knowing your worth

Topic 2 — Negotiations — knowing your worth, knowing the industry, how to be well informed, be bold when setting offers

1830-1900 Mingles and Community Building


1900-2030 Annnikafizzer

2030-2200 DJ Ditto

End of event

Our collaborators


Puurr is an intersectional femme-centric art and music collective powered by 宀 club. Founded by Laura Zhang and Bertha Chan one night when they met at 宀 club, over a conversation about why there isn’t any dedicated environment for femmes in the electronic music space in Hong Kong, they initiated the idea of Puurr with a collective of their friends and have been collaborating on making events since 2020.

宀 Club

宀 is a music venue in the very heart of Hong Kong focused on bringing people together through carefully selected electronic music acts and cultural activities. The 100-capacity venue will bring a roster of leading international performers while nurturing local and regional talent. 宀 is the Chinese Radical 40 with a different pronunciation according countries. It has no literal meaning but can be likened to a roof or shelter. This is a place where you can express yourself freely. This place is for dancing. This is a place to learn. This is safe space where you will not be harassed, discriminated, criticised or harmed emotionally or physically. This is a place where all Races, Genders and Sexual identities are welcome. To safeguard this vision, there will be a no-photo policy applied inside the club. 宀 has been imagined by a group of music and audiophile enthusiasts who have chosen a Funktion One soundsystem in a room carefully engineered by one of the region’s leading experts in acoustics.

Soft D Press

Independent publication
relaxedly, slowly and softly
spreading the joy of reading and collecting.
made in Hong Kong since 2017.

Siu Ding

Siu Ding is an artist and book designer.
She’s a body Autonomy advocate.

“Showing everybody the body is our instinctive art element and art is everywhere in our everyday life. Nudity is not a statement, but only a choice in life.”

Olivia Ho

Olivia is a creative producer — full time planning digital campaigns and events for fashion and lifestyle brands , part time collaborator doing projects that celebrates her love for food, music art and most importantly, the people 🙂

Una Mangus

a mysterious being, meet her yourself at the event

Ani Pheobe/Bad Times Disco

Bad Times Disco is a new online record store, pop up party, and radio show in Hong Kong made up of two committed diggers, Ani Phoebe (NYC) and Death M.K. (Japan). Together, they dig for the city’s forgotten records – rare Asian grooves, dubby disco, soul, experimental electronic music, 90s techno and more. Their party launch at Potato Head Music Room will regularly feature underrated diggers from across the city and abroad, showcasing talent that focuses on music research, history, and digging culture. Born in New York City, currently Hong Kong based by way of Rio de Janeiro, Ani Phoebe aka Phoebe draws from a multicultural and multilingual background in her sets, especially influenced by the sounds produced during the 80s and 90s and new, underground productions from different local scenes. Leaning towards obscure, oddball and cosmic synth sounds, she plays across a range from downtempo 80s records to underground techno.


annikafizzer performed her first official set only a few weeks ago at an outdoor rave. She has been a radiant supporter of 宀 since the beginning. She’s always had a love for music but in the past year she’s refined her unique style at house parties and around friends. Now she’s taking control of the club for the very first time with a one-and-a-half hour set of upbeat booty-shaking house beats.

DJ Ditto

DJ Ditto is a HK based Korean DJ who has been playing regularly at 宀 club, 18F and Eaton Radio. She’s Deeply in love with ratchet / hardcore music and anime especially Evangelion but you will be surprised by the extent of her music.



Amplify is a series of live music and community gathering events hosted by gongsik @gongsik852 and Drastic Social @drasticsocial
Amplify is an attempt to manifest one corner of a larger work-in-progress: it is the hard and necessary work to create spaces centering joy, affirmations, and rest as the foundations for resistance. Held at The Aftermath, we hope to support an important Black-owned community space during a challenging and uncertain time.
Born out of the particular afflictions of our times, Amplify invites you to unwind/let go/heal/start anew together to witness the art defying norms, to practice radical honesty collectively, to process some of the most pressing issues affecting marginalized groups of people in Hong Kong, and to hold space for each other.
Featuring a Gongsik Chat, an open conversation on art and imagination as activism for community-building, and music performances by R.I.D.D.E.M @riddem_official and Wesley Jamison @rnbwesley
Speakers TBA
30 April 2021 • 6-10 pm • The Aftermath (Sunny Building, LG, 57-59 Wyndham St, Central)


Events, Hong Kong

An amalgamation of senses forming our communities, shapeshifting by the agency of collaboration

Date: 2& 3 April 1900-2300 & 4 april 1730-2130  

Synesthesia – a collaborative event

3 nights only, limited capacity, secret location

A Sensory exploration – MusicVisualsTastesFeelsPlay

The idea to create an intimate event where the audience feels like they can immerse themselves in the environment of the artist’s private space, to learn about the band’s stories, the emotions behind the songs, and the memory of taste infused with the music and mood.

Producer: @drasticsocial – Bertha Chan @berthachandotcom | Jennifer Tang @jtdilettante | Sarah Way @basedsez

Food Design: Sapphire Ketchup

Music curation: Cathy Lay @cathy_lait

Visuals: The Femmes @femmesoftheodd

Media: Likew1se @likewise – Oillie Rodgers @ollierodgers1 | Gemma @gemmmmmmmmmaa



Murphy’s Law @Murphys.law852

Riddem @riddem_official

Mr.Koo @mrkoomusic

Reggie the leaf @reggietheleaf & rIXIN @rixin_music

One Track Mind (FB: Holly Mak / Soundcloud @onetrackmind-2 )


Friday 2rd April (7-11pm)

One track mind

Community Talk with Bertha Chan

Reggie the leaf & riXin

Jam Session

W/ SapphireKetchup “ 2×2 sound bites” 

Saturday 3rd April (7-11pm)


Mr Koo

Jam Session

W/ SapphireKetchup “ 2×2 sound bites” 

Sunday 4th April (5:30-9:30pm)

Muphy’s Law


Jam Session

W/ SapphireKetchup “ 2×2 sound bites”

Northing Space, Bergen



“Founded by architect Ben Wenhou Yu and designer Yilei Wang in Bergen, Norway.

Northing is a multi-functional space with a focus on publication, design, music, cultural events and cross-cultural communication. Based in Bergen, Norway and with an East Asian cultural background, Northing is dedicated to promoting Norwegian culture among artists and designers to East Asia and the other way round.

In 2019, Northing started its own publisher in Norway – Kinakaal Forlag, which means Chinese cabbage in Norwegian. Kinakaal Forlag will continue Northing’s dream and ambition in books and publication.

Northing Space is supported by Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet) and Bergen Municipality.”

Northing Space / Bergen

T: +47 47155363 / 45074263


Drastic Social x Puurr !02 – “Sex, Gender and Identity”

Events, Hong Kong

Join us this Wednesday for a Drastic Social X Puurr event exploring SEX, GENDER & IDENTITY 🌈⁣ at 8pm!

Program below from 8pm till late⁣⁣⁣- Introduction by Beatrice Wong (Misty Penguin) ⁣
– Panel Intro by Siu Fung Law (LGBTQ+ and gender fluid advocate) ⁣⁣
– Discussion Panel w/ Siu Fung, Vita Starkin, Rose Rage, Natasha Arce and Nyx.⁣⁣
– Natasha Arce – A representation⁣⁣
– Rose Rage – Stand up Comedy⁣⁣

🎶 DJs Momo and Marie-Jo 🎶
Address: 4F, 279 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Time: 8pm – Late ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Price : 100$ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
(tickets available on eventbrite & door)

Have you recently attended any pride month events or repost resources to help the LGBT community be normalised and be seen?
Yes? That’s great!
No? May we ask why? Also, you must then come to this one.

Do you have some burning questions you dare not to ask at the events or on internet space simply because you don’t know how to approach the subjects? Or is it because in your circle, you do not know too many people from the LGBT community?

Whatever the reasons are, we are here to help.

We exist to create an inclusive space for all of us to thrive in, therefore, the first step is to learn to talk about diverse subjects.

This coming Wednesday, you can witness the first Drastic Social x Puurr event, as we build things from the ground up.

How? We uplift the people in our community who needs support and attention the most, so we make space for them first.

Who am I referring to? It’s our friends in the LGBTrans community. The bias and prejudice many of them are facing daily is hard to imagine, for some of us cisgender or binary folx. Also, do you know that, when it comes to gender, some trans folx are binary and some non-binary?

Do these things sound very foreign to you? What are these terms I am using?

As we are embracing diversity and inclusivity in 2020, it’s the best time to come and learn about it.

These terms are very simple, they are created to make everyone feel visible so we can learn to live in unity by respecting people’s sex, gender and identity.

Let me introduce you to our guest speakers, performers and volunteers of the night we are honoured to have. Also, the rundown.

8:15 Introduction by Beatrice Wong
8:30 Panel Intro by Siu Fung Law
8:40 Discussion Panel w/ Siu Fung, Vita Starkin, Rose Rage, Natasha Arce and Nic.
9:30 Natasha Arce – Their Story
9:50 Rose Rage – Stand up Comedy
10:30-00:00 Puurr club night DJ
Momo and Marie-Jo

Special thanks to – Volunteer for Cantonese material translation

Now, please have a read of below, to get to know our collective a little 🙂

Beatrice Wong – Introduction

Beatrice Wong identifies as Trans and binary, she will introduce our host, speaker and performer of the night.

Her main hustle now is being DJ Misty Penguin.

“Misty Penguin plays around with the Yin and the Yang in her, her sunny outlook and life attitude pushed her to become ‘Yang’ Misty, playing sensual positive grooves to jack your body. And only when she relapses into ‘Yin’ Misty will she occasionally play an intense set, letting people temporarily escape reality and indulge in the cosmos of electronic beats.
Find her at Mihn, Oma, Eaton of the sorts.”

Siu Fung Law – Co-host

“I am Siufung Law from Hong Kong. I identify as genderfluid and is actively promoting gender inclusion and diversity in Hong Kong and Asia. I lecture publicly on gender and transgender studies in universities, community colleges and high schools. I advocate on gender fluidity in local and international media, in corporate companies and various NGOs. I am currently an Ambassador and Sports Lead of Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 and I was the finalist of 2018 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards. I am also a professional female bodybuilder who has been competing since 2015 and have won several international champions.”

Rose Rage – Guest speaker + performer

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Rose Rage is a transgender comedian, composer and conductor who taught music for 30 years in Hong Kong while presenting as male.  A founding member of People’s Liberation Improv, Hong Kong’s longest-running comedy improv troupe, she has performed with them in Beijing, Seoul, and Manila. A trans-media artist, she also works in painting, sculpture and computer graphics.  She is the author of the article Creativity, Comedy, and Composition. Her CD Multiple Worlds is published by Ablaze Records. 

Natasha Arce – Guest speaker

Natasha is an international librarian that has lived and worked around the globe.

As a non-binary person it is important to Natasha that people not be judged, devalued or dismissed based on their pronouns or presentation.

Ultimately, Natasha feels that society should strive towards gender neutral speech and education to remove gender-related expectations from skills, emotions, and relationships. 

Vita Starkin – Guest speaker

Vita Starkin is non-binary and has been out for 8 years. A musician and creative director, born in London and based in Hong Kong. They are trained in Piano and Organ as a teenager before delving into Cabaret and Rock Music.

Vita is also a creative director, their company “Light of Prometheus” specialises in producing films and other digital content for brands in Asia, Oceania and Europe.

Nyx – Guest speaker

Nyx is a non binary traveller from the UK. They are an active organiser of the polyamory scene, both in the UK and Hong Kong. They founded and co-admin Hong Kong Polyamory Group – a polyamory support group, at the same time co-admin a regional polyamory group in UK.

They are passionate about creating communities and safe spaces for polyam/lgbtqa+ folx, whilst running fun events. They like to experiment with a variety of performance art: hooping, poi spinning and a dash of burlesque.

Allies for Trans HK – Volunteer

Allies for Trans HK🇭🇰🏳⚧👥我地係一班關注跨性別人士嘅香港人🇭🇰 🏳‍⚧希望透過呢個IG令大家增加對跨性別嘅認識💬 👉🏻咩係跨性別?🤔 👉🏻跨性別同其他性小眾有咩唔同?🤔 👉🏻我地要點同跨性別人士相處?🤔 🙆🏻‍♀️等我地一齊認識下啦!🙆🏻‍♂️

Allies for Trans HK – We are a group of Allies from Hong Kong who cares and provide supports for our trans friends. We hope to raise awareness about the trans community with acknowledgment through our IG!

What is the different between T and the rest of the LGB+? How do we learn to communicate through our differences? Let’s find out together!

Event info:

Date: 15 July 2020
Time: 8pm-12am
Location: 宀 (Mihn) Club – 4F, 279 Des Voeux Rd Central, Sheung Wan




Your Host,


Can Cheong, the “true font” Calligraphist keeps it’s legacy alive in this modern city?


Au Yueng Cheong is a calligraphist who has been stationed in the shopping mall in the State Theatre Building for over 30 years. 

At the peak of his career, he was commissioned to produce thousands of commercial signage all around Hong Kong. He is especially proud to have once produced work for a politician.

Cheong explained that he is now the only person in Hong Kong honing the skill of writing the “TRUE FONT”, which is identical to traditional Chinese characters, and that he would like to conserve the heritage. “The “True Font” can still be found at a few places in Mainland China nowadays” the calligraphist claimed. If this is true then our guess is that Traditional Chinese was used before the CCP took over, and so the writing became a rarity since it was replaced by Simplified Chinese as the official written form of Chinese in the 50s.

In recent years, China is slowly gentrifying Hong Kong into becoming like the rest of the cities in the mainland, Simplified Chinese has also been introduced into the Hong Kong school system to replace our traditional culture. 

Mr Au Yueng’s livelihood and the future of Hong Kong seems to be facing similar destinies, as both are to be slowly eliminated where we fail to see the value and the importance of heritage conservation as a city.  

New World Development, a Hong Kong based firm, purchased the premises at HK$740 million with the intention to tear down the whole building as its commercial plan in the first place. The 67-year-old State Theatre Building (formerly known as Empire Theatre) is now the only post-war standalone theatre, and 1 of the 172 Grade 1 historical buildings in Hong Kong. According to the Antiquities Advisory Board in Hong Kong, a Grade 1 building or structure is one that “has outstanding merit, which every effort should be made to preserve if possible”

Photo credit: Wikipedia

We appreciate the campaigns made by several organisations wanting to conserve the historical legacy of Hong Kong; without the passionate people working to keep Hong Kong’s characters alive, there would be one less heritage structure left every time a new development plan comes into place  Hong Kong would become faceless in no time.

Check out Instagram Media @likewise’ s video to have a last glimpses of this legend.