Community Work


Safer spaces are authentic, comforting, inspiring and welcoming for everyone.

A safer space is where people can feel safe being themselves without feeling like they need to be highly sensitive about their surrounding.

We want our communities to be aware that an event space has to be a place where segregation, microaggressions and discrimination are not tolerated. We hope that one day the majority of our communities can be proactive in helping make this a safer space too.

People attending our events are asked to be aware of their language and behaviour and to think about whether it might be offensive to others. This is no space for microaggressions, violence, for touching people without their consent, for being intolerant of someone’s religious beliefs or lack thereof, for being creepy, sleazy, racist, ageist, sexist, heterosexist, fat-phobic, trans-phobic, able-bodiest, classist, sizeist or any other behaviour or language that may perpetuate oppression.

By attending Drastic Social events, you agree to:

  • respect other people’s wills, being respectful and aware of personal, physical and emotional boundaries.
  • always get verbal consent (these words — “YES, you can”) before touching someone’s body or belongings.
  • respect people’s opinions, beliefs, differing states of being and differing points of view, disengage when feel intimidated
  • be empathetic and considerate, be aware that your actions will affect others despite what your intentions maybe
  • take responsibility for your own safety and get help from our faciltators if you need it 


Here are the rules we kindly ask you to respect when attending a Drastic Social event.

The management reserves the right to alter these rules and regulations as they see fit.

You are encouraged to read and study our safer space policy before attending our events.

Our facilitators are present to make this concert experience safe and fun for everyone‭; please ‬kindly cooperate‭.‬

Seats/Standing area – You may be given an assigned area that you must adhere to due to the distance regulations when it applies. We will be happy to help you find your seating/standing area on site.

Identification verification – Your tickets are personalized. Please have your Name and phone no. ready at the entrance if gov regulation is involved.

Transfer tickets – Tickets are transferable in exceptional cases..

Entering the premises – Please note the new admission time is 30 minutes before the start of the concert.

Late arrivals – The door opens 30mins before the event starts, and close when the event starts.

Guests arriving late can if necessary, may be placed in the back rows at free spaces on the edge, provided the minimum distance is observed. If compliance with the minimum distance is not guaranteed, because all of the peripheral seats are occupied, guests arriving late cannot be admitted to the event. In this case, too, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of the entrance fee.

Social Media / Filming/ Recording

We understand the social value of sharing and we will try our best to make it ok for everyone. At Drastic Social events, there will be a great amount of social media posting, sharing, reposting, tagging. If any of our guests oppose to having their face documented, we will recommend them to be seated at a “no filming area”, however it will often be further away from the performance area due to the nature of the incidences take place(updated 26/5/2021).


Be responsible.

We rely on you to make sure this event is as safe as possible for all of us to attend.

Please bear in mind that some of our guests may have health compromised conditions, or have family members who are in high-risk groups. And so, please be as socially responsible as possible. 

  • Guests are required to wear their facemask at all times, apart from when seated, standing in the designated area, or eating and drinking.
  • At entrance, we will take guests’ temperature and ask you to sanitise your hands before entering the premises.
  • Minimum distance —  a minimum distance of 1.5 m must be observed during the entire visit. 
  • Health comes first — you are responsible for your own health — if you feel sick, please do not attend our events/concerts. 
  • Hand washing — please remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap or use the disinfectants provided in the venue.  
  • Cough and sneeze —lease note the recommended cough etiquettes, cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm. 
  • Mouth and nose covering — please enter and leave the hall wearing a face mask covering the nose and mouth. 

Failure to comply with the hygiene rules mentioned above are not allowed to attend the event. In this case, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of the entrance fee.

Find out more – be proactive about the current regulations before attending the concert, these can change at short notice.

Sliding scale for ticketing 

At each of our event, we will offer a limited amount of affordable tickets to people.

1 Charity Tickets subsidises 1 affordable ticket for someone in financial straits or simply cannot afford entertainment.

Big thank you to the guests who have supported charity tickets in the past, to sponsor our community and people in need.

Food allergies/dietary restrictions

Some of our events experiments with food.

Please inform/enquire us by email before you purchase a ticket to the event and our team will try our best to accomodate your needs.

Suggestions for us to build a safer community?


Let’s build something great together.

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