The Outer Limits Rave 15 April

Events, Hong Kong

The Outer Limits

“As the full moon rises high in the sky and the trees rustle with an otherworldly breeze, a mysterious gathering occurs deep in the woods’ heart.

Strange lights flicker in the distance, illuminating the way for those who dare to venture into the darkness. As you approach, you can hear the faint sound of otherworldly music and the flickering flames of fire dancers twirling their way through the shadows.

Let yourself be transported to another realm, where the impossible becomes possible, and the unknown becomes known. Welcome to “The Outer Limits”, where the spookiest creatures and most beautiful festivities await.”

The Sounds

10 – 11pm — Tuwa (house, techno, breakbeat)

11 – 12am — Zelazowski (Bunker, Bump)

12 – 1am — M-Theory (Bunker, Bump) breaks, DnB

Janette Slack tribute by Eclectica & Bunker at Clockenflap 2023

1 – 2am — Ak_xy (Dark Techno nd DnB) – @dj_ak_xy

2-3am — Lorenzo (Hard Techno) – @lorenzo_k_05

The Fire


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Rustival Festival 2023

Events, Hong Kong

Rustival is a 2-day outdoor festival focused on electronic music, with experimental workshops for interactive elements and downtime. Usually, there is no public transportation to this secret island, so don’t miss the chance to explore and have fun with a group of nice people in a safe and open environment.

Organised by 404hkg, an electronic music society

Festival Feeder

Mlem fuels your raves and festivals with delicious, nourishing food and big flavours that aren’t you’re average festival fare.
Mlem are Yukta @yuktas_99 | Sanika @sanikaisthename | Amanda @_akwan3| Alison @sapphireketchup & our party volunteer crew ❤️‍🔥

4 Feb Community Rave (Happy Birthday Ak_xy!)

Events, Hong Kong

Sounds and Fire 4 Feb Hong Kong

The Sounds

10:00 – 11:30 GrapeBae @petite_petnat – (#House & Techno)
11:30 – 01:00 Gokil System @danstezo (#IntelligentDnB)
01:00 – 03:00 Ak_xy @dj_ak_xy – (#Techno, followed by DNB)
03:00 – 04:30 Lorenzo @lorenzo_fit_05_ – (#psytrance)
04:30 – late Back to Back sets

The Fire
Leo Jacqueline @leo_jac_artist
Josh Tong @Joshottest

Design: Jen @jtdilettante

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Community Rave 22 MAY

Events, Hong Kong

22 MAY 2021 – 11:30 pm 

Part 3: AfterRave @ Open Air location

We will have an afterparty at a secret location and lineup as below, guests who attended part 2 of the community event can go to the rave for free!

The rest of the guests who want to attend will need to DM us on Drastic Social Instagram for location.

The entrance fee is $50 with a self help mini-bar set up at the location 

11:30-1:15 @Zora428

1:15-3:00 @ak_xy

def describe_Ak_xy(): print(”’Dj Ak_xy grew up all around Asia, and this shows in \ the musical influences in his sets. He mostly plays \ melodic techno and deep house, but also enjoys \ playing some psytrance and afrohouse”’) get_ready_to_rave(); describe_Ak_xy(); @dj_ak_xy

3:00-4:45 @aka.nohmann