Annika Visser

Hong Kong

Annika is from South Africa, she likes MUSIC, PEOPLE and YOGA (she is an avid yoga practitioner) 

During the day, she makes custom fitted jeans and fight for sustainability in the fashion industry. 

A little Q&A with Annika 

Hi Annika! 

DS: You are a multi-talented person and love creating many things!

Can you tell us what are your passion projects?

A: DJing is definitely a passion project! Since it is not my day job (I actually work in sustainable fashion for a start up denim brand). Another passion of mine is yoga – I grew up dancing and singing in the choir, so music and movement have always been a critical part of my life.

DS: We learned that you just debuted not long ago and the set at Drastic Social x last month was probably the first in a music club night was it? How did it feel to be playing at 宀 ?

A: Wow, I was quite nervous! But when the music started playing I was in my element, I am really flattered that Laura Zhang proposed me and the 宀 peeps said yes [I guess it helps that I have been hanging out at the club since it opened 😄 it’s one of very few places for great music in HK at the moment so I am super happy that I could be part of it]

DS: What kind of music do you love playing the most? 

*Haha, I am a bit of a musical chameleon at home, I appreciate all kinds of music [depending on my mood], but in a club or festival setting I like to play music that makes your booty shake – so ranging from housey, to electro to techno to dark disco and dark wave 🌊*

DS: This time at #DrastixPuurr, we talk about imposter syndrome and negotiations. Would you like to share your opinions about these subjects?

A: I think that everyone suffers from imposter syndrome sometimes in different situations, and it’s due to insecurities. But we should realise that everyone feels this way in some setting, because we are all different, and that should be celebrated*  

On negotiation, I really suck at it for professional things haha, this is something I hope I can improve as I further my career.

DS: What do you want to see improved in your workplace/working environment/sector?

I am pushing for a more sustainable and inclusive fashion future through the work that we do at unspun – there are many social and ecological issues that we’re trying to solve.

DS: Please share a track with us?

A: I made this for LunarTribe 

Thank you Annika!