Feminist Storytelling / Yimin Dong

Feminist Storytelling is a community theatre and storytelling platform based in Bergen, Norway. The organisation is in cooperation with Litteraturhuset i Bergen, and their events are curated by different volunteers, artists and storytellers monthly.

“We empower community members by “listening without judgement, storytelling without fear.”

We have been working with physical and verbal storytelling in our workshops, and we are open to people bringing in different media types. Feminist Storytelling is creating a theatre production at the moment —”Feminist Storytelling: vagina monologues”, a play written by you, the feminist storytellers in Bergen, and staged together by Director Yimin Dong for spring 2023.

Feminist Storytelling: Vagina monologues is coming to Bergen in March 2023.

Yimin Dong, Founder of Feminist Storytelling

Yimin Dong(they/them) was born and raised in Lanzhou, Gansu province of China. They are a storyteller, founder and artistic director of Feminist Storytelling. They write for Asian Youth and host a Bergen-based radio program, Happy News Bergen. Yimin is deeply charmed by words, theatre and other forms of storytelling. Right now, the community is at the centre of Yimin’s work. They form and work with different communities. Their hope is to abolish gatekeeping in their work and enable everyone to find their own artistic expressions.

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