Bertha Chan Hiu Yau

Bertha Chan is an artist, writer, curator and producer, a multifaceted creator in the art, culture and music sectors. As a high school dropout from a working-class background, she advocates for equality, accessibility and intersectionality on all fronts. Bertha is based between Hong Kong, Bergen and Vienna — in these cities where she brings her passion for curation and cultural change to founding — a social media website, community events and ethical production company focusing on providing creations with intersectionality in mind.

Her career started as a body positivity advocate who openly speaks about her experiences living in Asia as a fat woman impacted by patriarchy, classism and fatphobia. She then started her blog, gathering resources and reflections to aid her community of fellow community members affected by poor body image issues and body dysmorphia. She partnered with models for groups such as Nike, Womanizer, and Luuna Naturals to empower women to be more accepting of their bodies in the name of self-love.

She has also worked with various art and cultural organisations and academic publications to document her body and life.

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