Clothing Swap Bergen

Clothing Swap Bergen (CSB) organises large-scale swapping events, repair cafes and upcycling workshops. CSB believes that sustainable alternatives to fast fashion are for everyone and help you share and take care of the clothes you already own.

CBS statement

“The fashion industry is incredibly harmful to the environment. It uses huge amounts of resources, is polluting in many different ways and is known for subjecting mostly women in the Global South to extremely unfair working conditions. Brands produce more and more clothes, while huge landfills are occasionally uncovered. There is an incredible overproduction, with many clothes being dumped or burned within a year after production.

This must stop, and countries like Norway are responsible for contributing to change. Regulations alone are not going to do the trick. We, consumers, need to change our relationship with clothing. We can’t just keep buying new stuff just because we can while it destroys our planet and social structures. There is enough clothing on this earth already, and we can do the right thing together. Let’s make swapping new shopping and fight fast fashion together!”

How the swaps work: 

Participants hand in max. 10 items and receive points. Then they can use these points to ‘pay’ for any items they want to take home or save them for future events. Participants can drop by CBS’ repair and upcycling workshops and learn how to fix, alter or repurpose clothing from our experienced volunteers.

There is usually a coffee corner where people can sit, relax, and enjoy the excellent atmosphere and some home-baked goods during the event.

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