Alison Tan

Alison Tan married design-thinking with her other lifelong passion and became a food designer or an “experimental feeder”.
After 7 years of helping brands beautifully tell their stories as an art director. She fuses her work in visual/experience design with food into a practice that creates unique and daring dining experiences, immersive events, and fantastical narratives for audiences and brands alike with the goal of sparking curiosity and deep social connection.

Alison’s career evolution came after studying under pioneer food philosopher Marije Vogelzang. She co-founded the experimental supper club Otium and the cinematic dining experience Savour Cinema. Otium is a supper club that brings modern rituals into the dining experience, paired with an elevated seasonal menu. Savour Cinema is a delivery and in-person dining experience that pairs creative dishes and cocktails with scenes from great cinema, such as “Spirited Away” and “ Eat Drink Man Woman”. She also crafts private dining experiences and concepts for brands such as LELO, Hypebeast China and The Floristry.

Articles featuring Alison


An amalgamation of senses forming our communities, shapeshifting by the agency of collaboration Date: 2& 3 April 1900-2300 & 4 april 1730-2130   Synesthesia – a collaborative event 3 nights only, limited capacity, secret location A Sensory exploration – MusicVisualsTastesFeelsPlay The idea to create…

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Drastic Social x Puurr

Here, to our first. A collaboration with Purr by 宀 (Mihn) to create an intersectional femme-centric space in Hong Kong. At the Stardust art exhibition, I was introduced to Laura, who is the art curator at 宀 gallery. We talked about how we…

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Puurr by 宀

Purr by 宀 (Mihn) is an intersectional femme-centric space in Hong Kong. All along, there have been very limited spaces that support the marginalised groups in our society. We are here to make that space for all, and this is The Puurr Manifesto.…

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