Drastic Social x Puurr @ 宀 club

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Drastic Social x Puurr collaborates on an intersectional femme-centric event, curating a special program of art, music and conversation.

Starting at 4pm with “Bodies” Zine + Art share from @SoftDpress followed by group discussions on navigating the creative industry and a panel discussion with Ellie Suh, Una Mangus and Olivia Ho.

Ani Phoebe will be spinning an afternoon set while selling records as part of Bad Times Disco. A record corner with listening station will be set up near the DJ booth, Ani is passionate about encouraging more women, non-binary and diverse individuals to get into record digging.

At 7pm the volume will turn up with a booty-popping 宀 club debut from annnikafizzer followed by raising star from the Otaku Girls, DJ Ditto.

Both DJs are veteran music lovers and party-goers, but only recently started taking control of decks. Puurr’s line up intends to diversify the scene by nurturing emerging DJs.

Drastic Social x Puurr @宀 club

Programme of the day

1600 doors open 

1600-1900 Ani Phoebe showcases her vinyl collection from Bad times Disco

1630-1700 “Bodies” Zine + Art share with @softdpress – Siu Ding exhibits her collection of ‘Bodies’ zines and books and tell us about her #bodylibraryhk with Bertha Chan

1700-1730 Group Discussion – notes and stories for femmes covering the topics and questions:

  1. What do you want to see improved in your workplace/working environment?
  2. What are you good at doing but always afraid to take up space for?
  3. When fighting for your own rights, what past experiences have you learnt from? 

1730-1830 Discussion Panel with Ellie Suh @suhellie.studio, Una Mangus @unawashere and Olivia Ho @liveysnothome, host by Bertha Chan @berthachandotcom

How do we navigate the creative industry in Hong Kong?

Topic 1 — Imposter Syndrome — things we experience as femme creatives in HK, tools to deal with challenges, false invitations, inappropriate questions, how do we protect ourselves, things to be aware of, stand your ground, knowing your worth

Topic 2 — Negotiations — knowing your worth, knowing the industry, how to be well informed, be bold when setting offers

1830-1900 Mingles and Community Building


1900-2030 Annnikafizzer

2030-2200 DJ Ditto

End of event

Our collaborators


Puurr is an intersectional femme-centric art and music collective powered by 宀 club. Founded by Laura Zhang and Bertha Chan one night when they met at 宀 club, over a conversation about why there isn’t any dedicated environment for femmes in the electronic music space in Hong Kong, they initiated the idea of Puurr with a collective of their friends and have been collaborating on making events since 2020.

宀 Club

宀 is a music venue in the very heart of Hong Kong focused on bringing people together through carefully selected electronic music acts and cultural activities. The 100-capacity venue will bring a roster of leading international performers while nurturing local and regional talent. 宀 is the Chinese Radical 40 with a different pronunciation according countries. It has no literal meaning but can be likened to a roof or shelter. This is a place where you can express yourself freely. This place is for dancing. This is a place to learn. This is safe space where you will not be harassed, discriminated, criticised or harmed emotionally or physically. This is a place where all Races, Genders and Sexual identities are welcome. To safeguard this vision, there will be a no-photo policy applied inside the club. 宀 has been imagined by a group of music and audiophile enthusiasts who have chosen a Funktion One soundsystem in a room carefully engineered by one of the region’s leading experts in acoustics.

Soft D Press

Independent publication
relaxedly, slowly and softly
spreading the joy of reading and collecting.
made in Hong Kong since 2017.

Siu Ding

Siu Ding is an artist and book designer.
She’s a body Autonomy advocate.

“Showing everybody the body is our instinctive art element and art is everywhere in our everyday life. Nudity is not a statement, but only a choice in life.”

Olivia Ho

Olivia is a creative producer — full time planning digital campaigns and events for fashion and lifestyle brands , part time collaborator doing projects that celebrates her love for food, music art and most importantly, the people 🙂

Una Mangus

a mysterious being, meet her yourself at the event

Ani Pheobe/Bad Times Disco

Bad Times Disco is a new online record store, pop up party, and radio show in Hong Kong made up of two committed diggers, Ani Phoebe (NYC) and Death M.K. (Japan). Together, they dig for the city’s forgotten records – rare Asian grooves, dubby disco, soul, experimental electronic music, 90s techno and more. Their party launch at Potato Head Music Room will regularly feature underrated diggers from across the city and abroad, showcasing talent that focuses on music research, history, and digging culture. Born in New York City, currently Hong Kong based by way of Rio de Janeiro, Ani Phoebe aka Phoebe draws from a multicultural and multilingual background in her sets, especially influenced by the sounds produced during the 80s and 90s and new, underground productions from different local scenes. Leaning towards obscure, oddball and cosmic synth sounds, she plays across a range from downtempo 80s records to underground techno.


annikafizzer performed her first official set only a few weeks ago at an outdoor rave. She has been a radiant supporter of 宀 since the beginning. She’s always had a love for music but in the past year she’s refined her unique style at house parties and around friends. Now she’s taking control of the club for the very first time with a one-and-a-half hour set of upbeat booty-shaking house beats.

DJ Ditto

DJ Ditto is a HK based Korean DJ who has been playing regularly at 宀 club, 18F and Eaton Radio. She’s Deeply in love with ratchet / hardcore music and anime especially Evangelion but you will be surprised by the extent of her music.

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