Vagina Monologue by Feminist Storytelling

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Vagina Monologue: An Original Theatre Play by Feminist Storytelling

Not to be confused with “The Vagina Monologues**” but inspired by its conversations, “Vagina Monologue” is an original theatre play written and performed by Feminist Storytelling. It is a communal theatre and storytelling platform based in Bergen, Norway.

About the play

What does our body tell us about our boundaries, desires, and identity?

A woman gives birth, and a true story unfolds.

One by one, seven protagonists recount their pregnancies, spaceship battles, baptism and heritage.

Interconnected, their personal stories are beautifully woven into one giant tapestry of the protagonists’ experiences.

Vagina Monologue lifts the veil on what usually remains unsaid. In this space, the word “cunt” is no curse, but a source of strength and power, a creator of worlds.”

Drastic Social went to VM’s rehearsal last weekend to get a feel of the creation. While we get a glimpse of the production setup, each storyteller’s personal dialogue is still under development and at the formation stage. It is definitely a good challenge for the members of Feminist Storytelling to leap from the usual setting of a small group and social sharing at the library to a structured play at the auditorium at Litteraturhuset.

We look forward to this weekend’s premiere.

Event Information on Facebook, and you can get your Tickets here.

Date: 28 & 29 April 2023

Friday 18.30-21.00
Saturday 14.00-16.30

Place: Litteraturhuset i Bergen (Østre Skostredet 5-7 5017 Bergen, Norway)

Production Posters by Graphic Designer and illustrator — Yifeng Zheng

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