Misty Penguin Album release party

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feat. Lezlie Chan 陳映同, Casey Anderson, Tynee, Briar Armani

Date: 19th Jan 2023
Time: 9:00-11:30pm
Place: Terriblebaby, 4/F Eaton Hotel
380 Nathan Road, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

About the album

During the pandemic, DJ Misty Penguin stopped waddling in the local Techno scene and drowned herself in the sea of her old CD collection, listening to a lot of bedroom producers and admiring their DIY / ‘less is more’ / ‘no shits given’ approach to music making. 

With this in mind, Misty reached out to her guitarist brother TripleBasil, and together DIY-ed an album of storytelling about Misty’s struggling trans life, and other dark thoughts about self-destruction, titled “<(“)!<(“)!<(“)! Songs for Cleo (And approaching death)”. 

The album’s style is a mish mash of music from the old CDs, early Depeche Mode, New Order, under the radar projects like Locust from R&S, indie singer-songwriters like Cellars, with tips from Telvanni of JVSY, and tutorials from dusty old Computer Music magazine. 

About the release party and supporting acts

Opening DJ set by Tynee

Tynee has kindly accepted our invitation to play a set for us, she has a long standing reputation in being one of the finest Techno and Breakbeats DJs in HK, and a long time supporter of Misty’s endeavours in creative arts, a sister from another mother. We have invited her to play her favourite tunes that haven’t fit in her usual job as a dance floor general.

Featured Artist

Lezlie Chan 陳映同 is a local up and coming singer songwriter with a similar approach to writing songs – using confessional life experiences in music as a conduit to encourage self-love among peers. She is an icon in breaking gender norms, you have seen her as the face of Eaton’s Women Festival, or in the ViuTV program 肥美人 and she advocates for freedom in talking about women’s bodies, and calls for new aspects in discussing beauty, through her music and exposure. She will perform a suite of new original songs from her upcoming 2023 album. It is an honour to have her as our featured artist, as her content is unique and forthcoming.

Guest guitarist — Casey Anderson

Due to scheduling conflicts, TripleBasil is unable to perform, and good friend Casey Anderson stepped up to the plate to infuse his musical prowess with his guitar. 

Casey Anderson is one of the hottest DJs and modular synthesiser advocates in HK and needs no introduction, before coming here, he toured America with dearly departed friend Byron Head, playing guitar, accordion and keyboards when he was a teen. Outside the DJ stage, he is a humble educator, producer, LGBTQ ally, and Misty is forever grateful to have him rocking out together at this party.

Dance Interpretation

Joining Misty on stage is trans sister Briar Armani, who will be making modern dance interpretations of the music.

Briar Armani is a dancer, spiritual partitioner, and educator. She is a transfeminine who fought through mixed cultural settings, she values the importance of authenticity and would like to help spread the beauty of identity exploration and actualisation through heartily artistic expressions.

To round off the night after live performances, there will be a back to back to back DJ session for us to dance the night away.

“Stay Cleo“

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